Can somebody please make a better notation for me with this gp tab so all the dot's etc are gone and it will be easier to read?

It's not that big, just (not even) 3 bars (in curret notation).
The riff is in one bar, with no dotted notes and it has the correct timing.

The tempo has changed to 107 (roughly 2/3 of the original temp of 160 which thusly makes the dotted notes into regular notes as dotted notes are 1.5x longer than regular notes) and the time signature to 7/8 (meaning 7 quavers per bar) and thus if new to composing you might find it hard to convert some riffs to that - If you want to change the time signature later in the piece simply go to the bar menu in the top bar and press "time signature".

Hope this helps (the "fixed" file is attached) =)
click on the note/number, then go note > duration >then un-select dotted note. you can be ****ed if you think i'm doing it for you
EDIT: ah, too late
Thanks a lot Anon, I tried some stuff but sticked to 4/4 so that's probably why I couldn't figure it out xD
Heh, I guess the best way to do these kind of things would be to learn it yourself but I felt like being nice and "fixing" the tab for the original poster.

Tell you what, I'll post a mini guide on how I did the conversion in hope anyone can learn how to do it themselves.

Step 1 - Multiply the time signature by 2/3s - Dotted notes are 1.5x longer than undotted notes, and 2/3 of 1.5 is 1 so thus 2/3 of the current time signature would make the dotted notes last the same length of time while being undotted notes.

Step 2 - Undot the notes, obviously.

Step 3 - Rearrange the tab to fit neatly into (even usually) complete bars per riff (if you understand what I'm saying - one pattern per bar is the usual norm).

Step 4 - If the pattern lasts slightly less than one bar, changing the time signature will usually make it fit into one bar nicely. In your case, only 7 quavers (7 8th notes) were being played per pattern whereas the time signature was 4/4 which allows 8 quavers (this is the same as 8/8 for note lengths). To fix this, the time signature should be changed to 7/8 which allows 7 quavers (the amount of quavers in your pattern) per bar.

Oh, and no problem. If you need anything else like this done I'm happy to do it as it's good practice for musical theory for me (I think at least).
Hah, thanks for that mini-guide. I'll remember it for sure!!! And well, if it's good practice for you, than it would even be better practise for me =)