Finally my new amp arrived and i am very glad with my choice, the Laney Lionheart 5 watt combo

A Group Photo with My new pedals The Vox V847, MXR Classic Distortion and MXR Classic Overdrive

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dude post clips nao!

congrats, great stuff there.

I will when i get some new leads because a couple of them have gone missing and the other one has crapped out on me and thanks gregs1020

Thanks for the Hnad gabes
That things looks really big for 5 watts!

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Great choice!! HNAD
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
that is a sexy little amp you have there
And if I don't see ya, in a long, long while

I'll try to find you

Left of the dial
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That things looks really big for 5 watts!


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HNAD!!! the blue tolex is really nice. It seems big for a 5 watter ... regardless, HNAD

Yeah this thing is HUGE for 5 watts but again for bedroom use its perfect
so is that thing hand wired? any chance of a gut shot?

don't go killing yourself i was just wondering.

why aren't there more blue amps besides this one and the ampegs? the thing is outright purty.
HNAD, Blue tolex looks great!!
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You're gonna have fun for months tweaking with sittings on the amp and pedals. Congrats!
HNAD!! And I really like the boost! I love my MXR Classic overdrive. Cant beat it for the price!
Gawd damn. Lovely thing.

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