i want to take my deluxe players strat and put 2 humbuckers in it with a 5 way switch. i would like position 1 to be the bridge humbucker, position 3 to be the middle 2 coils, and position 5 to be the neck humbucker, just like on a standard HH guitar. however, i was wondering if positions 2 and 4 could be 1 coil of the bridge and neck humbuckers, respectively. is this at all possible?
thanks, ironmaiden76
Some strat's can be converted just by buying a new pickgaurd, others you may need to route.
For the wiring, I would head over to the ultimate wiring threads where people can help you figure out that wiring. If you click the GB&C hub link in my thread, there is a "links section" and you will find a link to the ultimate wiring thread.

Oh and you could just get a 3 way switch and do push pulls for the single coils.