I built my own iRig guitar cable cause I did not feel like paying $40 for a real cable and it works sort of. I can play my guitar through Amplitube on my iphone now but I get a horrible heavy distorted sound even on clean setting *sounds like a crate GX 15 with gain maxed out while having the speaker kicked in, just ask me how I know this* Could this be due to mismatched impedance? I would just like some input before I go out and start buying more resistors and stuff to try to fix this.
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how do you know this?
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Its great that I am getting some replies but is there anyone with something useful to say about this issue?
Well what Comrade Curry said was actually somewhat helpful.

http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-diy/8253-finally-diy-guitar-input-cord.html this seems to say that they have done it, but I am skeptical. This is for an iPad, which should have the same type of jack as the iPhone/iPod.

I feel like the amplitube thing might have some sort of A to D converter and serial communication interface. I could be wrong, but i've never done any work with an iPad/iPod/iCrap
I feel so stupid... For weeks I have been trying to fix this problem and just now I took the capacitor out of the link and instantly fixed. I will be hitting radioshack in the morning to find a more suitable resistor to get rid of what little is left of the noise once I am done I will probably be making a new post *with building steps and pictures* of the entire process so people who want to use amplitube on there phones and pads will have a better set of instruction than what is currently out there for this. Thanks for the link, the post about the capacitor causing issues was a big help.