Alright Pit; time for a good ol' nostalgia thread.

Everyone remembers how great the toys at fast food joints used to be. I'm sure a lot of you can remember begging your parents to go to a certain place just because of a 25¢ toy you saw advertised on TV. Sure this was just a marketing ploy, but it was a damn good one.

Personally, I have great memories with a Mario Kart racing toy I got at Wendy's when I was around 8-9. This wasn't just your standard mini-race car that you pull back and watch it glide along the hardwood, no, this was something special. Imagine an entire 3D Mario Kart track with all the racers, and you can hold it in the palm of your hand. The carts moved by turning some small wheel on the top of the device. The mind-blowing thing was the carts actually passed each other on their own; they even spun out when a hard turn came up if you were spinning the wheel too fast. I still remember sitting there for hours on a long car trip trying to bet with myself on who was going to win the next race.

So Pit, what was your favorite kids meal toy?
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Got atleast one of them still.
Pokemon balls that came out around the time the movie came out.

Didn't some kid like choke on one and they stopped making them.

Kid ruined it for everybody.
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Pokemon The First Movie toys at Burger King.

Those figurines are still some of the nicest available. Not to mention the plushies, mini-pokeballs, and gold cards.
I remember once back in the day I got some toy from a Macdonalds happy meal, it was some plastic kid on a skateboard or something, looked like a character from Rugrats....

God I wish everything was still that awesome
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