i came to this forum because i know one of you could help me!

so i have had this guitar like all my life, but i never have known or known someone who knew what brand it was. so i resort to the place of all guitar knowledge UG!

so here's some crappy cell pics, let me know if you recognize it or actually if u know ANY info about it, cause honestly i got it at a garage sale a while back and i don't know anything! also how much you think i could sell it for? because i'm kinda tight on cash and this is my backup guitar. let me know! thanks in advance!

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purely from the pics i think it's not exactly epic although the scratchplate is....interesting for a few seconds, I can't see it being worth a lot but I'm sure i'm wrong also!
This could be completely wrong, but my first thought was de Lisle guitars, which is a custom guitar builder. Honestly, I don't think thats what it is, but it was just what popped into my head.

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You will find your guitar, an Alden, in the Harmony guitar database:
You should see your guitar in the photos. It is basically a rebadged Harmony from the late 50s or early 60s- I forget the comparable Harmony model, but you should be able to find it there.
The old Harmony guitars are awesome, so hold on to it if possible. Hope this helps.
" Alden 9908 solidbody "

Keep it, no one will pay you more than 50-60$ for it
The Harmony H-45 is the model like yours (far more common than the Alden), and regularly sells in the $150-300 range on Ebay, depending upon condition and whether all original (which yours appears to be). Check it out.
guys thank you so much! your info was super helpful!!!

so what do you think the difference is between my guitar and these ones??


i mean if i can sell this bad boy for over 100 on ebay that would be amazing, and really help my money situation right now (also considering i got it for 5 dollars at a garage sell!!!)

what do you guys think? should i post it on ebay (never done that before really) and should i set a researve on it, like for how much and what should i title it and whatnot? let me know if u have any experience with that or what you think i should do. thanks a lot again guys!
bump, how much should i post it for/what should i title it? would any of you be interested in taking it off my hands??

at least, if i put it on ebay how much should i set reserve?? so i don't get screwed into selling it for too little, ya know