What are some of your favorite instrumentals to solo over? I'm having fun with some Meters stuff right now like Cardova and just wanted to know of some other good ones
I usually get on youtube and search backing tracks. Other than that I record my own.
For the Love of God - Steve Vai, Highly Strung - Orianthi/Steve Vai
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rude mood by stevie ray vaughn.

cant stop listening to it...too catchy...
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Anything from Guthrie Govan's Erotic Cakes album, anything by Scale the Summit and John Butler's "Ocean".
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Losforwords (big orrah) Iron Maiden.
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Erotomania, Stream of Consciousness, The Dance of Eternity.

In fact I just played Erotomania on bass for my audition for entry into the music program at my university.
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1. Steve Vai's complete discography (most of it is instrumental, but there are vocals in some songs.)
2. Michael Angelo Batio - No Boundaries
3. Racer X - Technical Difficulties
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I love the instrumental versions of

Shackler's Revenge by Guns N' Roses
For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica

I like

Jordan by Buckethead, as well.
Satch boogie, surfing with the alien:joe Satriani
canon rock Jerry C
I'm Alright Neil Zaza
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Glasgow Kiss- Petrucci

I don't listen to much prog metal anymore but I still very much enjoy that piece.
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"Siege Engine" by Buckethead is probably my favorite at the moment.
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1. The Call of Ktulu
2. Stream of Conciousness - Dream Theater
3. Jato Unit, Jeff Loomis
4. Glasgow Kiss - JP
5. Lenny - SRV
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I've seen a lot of the ones I like, but Satch's 'You Saved My Life' really stood out to me
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The Call of Ktulu by Metallica
Fuzz Universe on Paul Gilbert's new album is pretty sick too
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Metallica - call of ktulu
Death - voice of the soul
Death - cosmic sea
Blotted Science - synaptic plasticity ( and their whole machinations album )
Yngwie Malmsteen - black star
Yngwie Malmsteen - far beyond the sun
Yngwie Malmsteen - arpeggios from hell

some Dream Theater and Symphony X sh*t ...
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here is the link
open like another tab or something and copy and paste this into url.
Tender Surrender - Steve Vai
If I Could Fly - Joe Satriani
Room 335 - Larry Carlton
YYZ - Rush.
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
Michael Schenker - into the arena
Randy Rhoads' live solo spot (Song Suicide solution live)
Quiet Riot - Battle axe
Scorpions - Coast to coast
Scorpions - Sails of Charon (only the intro)