I did have a look at the guitar amp thread thingy, it just confused me.
Anyway I need a good beginner amo, i live in Australia

I would mostly use it to play more metal/hard rock stuff such as

System Of A Down
And Thrash Stuff
My guitar is just some crappy Ashton which came in in a beginner Guitar/Amp combo
so it's crap
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Vypyr 30.

You will thank me later.
The stompboxes really are worth it
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I'm confused, you already have a beginner amp, but you want another beginner amp? I believe what you are looking for is in fact a cheap intermediate amp (lower intermediate anyways). No, there are not exact categories for the level of an amp, but it is generally accepted that beginner=sh*tty.

We need some kind of budget before we start recommending things though, because hey, you might be a millionaire, so you can go ahead and get a Mesa Triple Rectifier for your "beginner" amp.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

What i mean is i have a beginner amp. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so crap that it makes me depressed to pick up my guitar sometimes. Price Range
$300 AUS

What are stompboxes, never heard of them?
Right now i mainly use my guitar for improvised thrash i make up on the spot.
But im more interested in learning some AC/DC stuff, and some Metallica
Right now I'm debating between the Vypyr or the Line 6, both the 75 watters. Look into those two. Because they come with tons of preset's which you can get all the tones from the band's music you want to play. And they're a good price...under $500 US
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When you say under $500 us, im going to guess there over $300 aus

Does anybody know where to buy the peavey vypyr in australia around the gold coast/brisbane area or online in Australia
Either the Vypyr 15 or 30, I have a roland cube, (I'm actually thinking about selling it on ebay soon unsure tho) The cube is good but it needs more gain imo.

Even I'm thinking about getting a peavy 60w later on when i join a band to save having to carry about my halfstack and stuff, I tried the 75w ages ago and it sounded great,

A lot of people say they're digital sounding and they are, but they're very good for the price since you get so much in them, And the digital sounding isn't terrible half the time you'lll only notice if you point it out

Imho try go for the 30w, You won't be able to play with a drummer with the 15w but with the 30w you should be able to pull it off alright,
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Do u know where you could get a cheap 15/30 vypyr

You could try ebay, That's where I've got all my gear from except my cube and grg170dx

eBay is a great place to start looking if you want to save, but always take precautions and an eye out for dodgy stuff
Peavey Valveking 112 is a good amp that you would probably be happy with for a while. But if at all possible, play first, because it is a darker sounding amp. Kind of hard to get a AC/DC sound out of it.
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You could probably get a somewhat AC/DC sound out of it with a pedal, but it will be hard to get a good AC/DC sound out of a Practice/Beginner amp. Maybe someone else has some more info on this, but it is pretty much impossible to get a cranked Marshall sound without a cranked tube Marshall.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom AP (w/ 2 Seymour Duncans)
Jackson Dx10D Dinky (w/ DiMarzio PAF Bridge)
Epihpone Hummingbird

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 (Voodoo Modified)
Custom 4x12 Halfstack (w/ Veteran 30's)
i know you dont wanna hear this, but maybe you should worry about a new guitar first. without a a higher quality guitar that plays well, you wont get good tone out of ANY amp, no matter what. Guitar first, amp second.
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How come i have heard that you can sound okay with any guitar as long as the amp is decent then? And im used to my guitar, i reckon them amp is the problem