its from hallowed be thy name by cradle of filth
i'm not sure to go about playing this bit. i tried and it sounds nothing like it should
do i just hammer on and pull off the notes or do i pluck the string after a pull off?

much appreciated for the help
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It appears to be legato... pick the first note, then legato until the 5 on the d string pick that note and pick the next note(8 on the a string) and legato... you will use fingers 1,3, and 4 on your fretting hand
he must play this really fast cause i'm still not really getting the exact sound that it should be making. but looks like i got some practicing to do, thanks for clarifying this for me
ok after practicing this riff for a lot of hours on and off, it sounds horribly wrong to me. my girlfriend even asked the what the hell i was doing. she knows the song and says its nothing like it. am i doing something wrong or missing a certain technique? i'm confused on how this is how its played. any advice on this riff will be much help
i figured it out. my intonation is way off, forgot to adjust it when i put thicker strings on. my bad. sounds fine now