Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred, Breaking Pangaea)'s new project featuring Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) and Josh Eppard (Coheed and Cambia) has dropped their debut album

Stream here

Not good. not good at all.
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I listened to a few songs and it's not bad. Definately better than The Color Fred

Edit: At 3:47 into Lullaby the guitar is playing the lead from Little Devotional.
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Revolution reminds me of stuff I used to write, so I like it for that reason haha.
Melody wise, anyway. The performance itself sounds like it could be the Foo Fighters.
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Sounds decent. Which is saying something, since I don't like any of the members' other bands.
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I dig the music portion of it, but what I dont like and whats really killing it for me is the vocals. I know some people like his voice, but im not one of them.
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This, IMO, is the best turn alternative rock has taken in a handful of years.

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pretty awesome stuff, really digging it
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