I just got my Emg 707tw in and went to install . followed by the book have it all in tacked . I have a Regular emg 707 in the bridge pos. and the 707tw in the neck .
Problem is a Big Volume jump between the two . the 707tw is much quieter then the Emg 707 in the bridge . I cant balance it out . i thought I just might have reversed something in result of draining the volume . I checked ,double checked ,tryed the wrong way just to be sure it was right to begin with . in the end still the problem . how Can I fix this ? please help .
I for got to mention too . you know when you roll the volume up and get a great distortion tone, this volume problem I'm having keeps me from doing just that with the 707tw. its like its only getting half the juice .
yeah it is, and I have one there. i even cut the connection just to be sure that its was working right and it was . its juicing it .