When i first got my peavey bass (new) the intonation was terrible. Almost a half step sharp in some places. Now i got lighter strings, and it seems to be a bit better. Do i need to go to super slinkys? Also, i havent figured out how to adjust the intonation on the bridge (cause peaveys are strange), so it would be cool if anyone could give me some help with that.
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"Peavey bass" is a very general term. Upload pics? Also, yes, string gauge will affect intonation, but this is not the way you should be trying to correct it.
There is nothing "strange" about a Peavy that should stop you from intonating the guitar. Move the saddles farther back if the notes are sharp, and move them forward if your notes are flat. Most times the saddles will have a set screw locking it in place. Loosen that screw and adjust your saddles in the appropriate direction.