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Anyone that has played guitar for a while knows that there are about 1,473,592 different ways to tune a guitar. What's your favorite one? Mine's C# standard because of how deep and awesome it sounds.
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7 string B standard or C# standard I just can't decide. Although I think I lean more towards my 7 cuz it's the best guitar I have.
Eb standard. better vocal range
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i prefer drop d, i have a low voice so its easy for me to write songs in it
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solid state. when she screams it pisses me off


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lol drop d half step down makes my blood boil. it isnt drop d anymore is it? it went another half step down? it's drop c#!? isnt it!??

i like Eb standard, but i like open tunings from time to time, it's easy to stumble across interesting progressions in open tunings.
D standard on a six string, drop G on a seven string

EDIT: open tunings are fun though, i like open Dm and C6
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Don't really have a favourite tuning, they all have different sounds and different feels... my 7 string is currently in drop G though and that's working pretty well for me...
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I'm used to standard tuning. Though D and C sound awesome as well.
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Drop Wumbo. It's one step lower than Drop Z (666 octaves below standard).
probably C# standard(damn you BTBAM)

im also really into drop B now because of bands like Veil of Maya and A Plea For Purging
Drop C# for my primary genre (heavy/metalcore/death/symphonic/etcetc metal)
D# Standard for alternative stuff, mostly AFI or Coheed and Cambria
Drop A/ B Standard for death metal.
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E standard and open G
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Standard and drop c.
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drop d. Let's me play all the sexy orgasmic lamb of god riffs
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I'm a D standard and Drop C kind of guy. E standard and drop D are pretty cool. But D standard is a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything
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E standard, Drop Db, Eb standard, D standard.
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My favorite tuning is Drop C, I just love it. But recently I noticed I have hit a hill that I just cant get over so I went back to standard to relearn my basics and start learning chords and music theory like I should have from the start.
Eb Standard (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Open Gb (Db Gb Db Gb Bb Db)
Drop Dd (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Db Standard (Db Gb Cb E Ab Db)
Open Eb (Eb Bb Eb G Bb Eb

Everything sounds better flat.

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E and Eb standard...they are the only tunings i ever use. On occasion ill go drop D, but thats it
Eb standard
C# Standard.

Both gives me the exact tones I want at the moment.
I use Standard, Drop D, Eb Standard, Drop C#, D Standard and Drop C. My personal favourite would probably be D Standard. Standard tuning, a step lower. Juicy shit.
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Eb for me. Haven't tried a lot of other tunings though, E Standard, Drop D... That's about it

I really like Eb 'cause most of my favourite heavy/power bands play a half step down...
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Drop E.

HardXcorE, yo.

lol i think Whitechapel used that on their new album

or drop E# i think idk
E standard, Eb, Drop D and DADGAD are the tunings i use most frequently
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