I am trying to find the closest thing to Ibanez's old RT series. It appears that the ONLY guitar in the line up like this now (pick guard, traditional neck, wilkinson, etc) is the AT (or possibly the RG1521 Prestige -- although that has the Wizard neck).

Am I missing something? Why is the AT so much more expensive than the old RT's were? It looks like a strat rip with some nice pickups.

Also, what's the neck on the AT like? Is it similar to the RT neck? Is the RT coming back?
The AT is a signature model, thats why. Its unlikely the RT will come back.
I'm not sure about the AT's neck, the RT's have the Viper neck, which IMO is the best neck Ibanez have ever made. Honestly, you'd be better off trying to find a used RT, you'll save a lot and they're basically the same guitar, theres a few differences but they're practically the same.
I looked at an RT [can't remember the model] the other day. It was basically the same as the Timmons sig except it had a rosewood board. Buddy wanted $150 for it with a case and a Dimarzio X2N installed.

Just go get an RT used, they're out there for cheap.
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