This was awesome! I love the sound you guys've got. The cleans are crisp and articulated in all the right places. The layering of the parts was fantastic. Bass tone = killer. The mixing is also fantastic, everything is clear in the mix, the bass pops and the drums sound just right except a little more pop on the kick would have been nice. Solid vocals, I think a few more harmonies would have been nice. Loved the 'dueling' solos towards the end. I thought the build up and energy at the end was a great way to close the song.
The drums were in a very bad sounding practice room when recorded, so that could explain some of the missing kick pop. The bass tone was direct in, but also Drew used a self modded boss octave pedal, where he tightened up the tracking and added some sort of pseudo-ring modulator. Needless to say it's a sweet pedal now. All of my cleans were recorded on a Fender solidstate stage series, and Sulene's were recorded on a Savage 1x12" (small boutique amp maker). For the distortion/overdrive sounds I used a Hermidia Audio Zen Drive and a touch of MXR Carbon Copy.