hey guys, i was wondering what are some really good guitar string brands. ive tried dean markley, Ernie ball and d' addario but ive never been over happy with any of them. i play mostly in drop d and standard if that helps. of and dont mention imported brands, i have a gig in 2 days :p
Ive used all of those and didnt like them either. Ive been using Dunlop here lately and I cant complain. Try em' its worth a shot.
I've been using Elixer strings on my electric and acoustic guitar for about a year now. They're great. The coating on them feels tremendous and I highly recommend them.

How big's the gig?
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Elixir for me. I've tried the regular lot, Dean Markley, EB, D'Addario, DR, erm, other stuff. So far Elixir gives me the best corrosion resistance. I actually just did my first string change after putting a set of Elixirs on my guitar. They were on there for about 6 months and still felt pretty close to new. I only changed them because the high e snapped at the tuner.
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I usually use d'addario's 10's and 11's on acoustics and electrics. I never tune under Eb though.
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If you have a gig in 2 days then Elixirs are good because they don't need to be broken in, they sound good right out of the box. And then last a long time, 2 or 3 times as long as Ernie Ball, in my experience.
Try Martin strings, they handle punishment well, but with a gig in 2 days I would also go for the Elixir strings, a bit pricey maybe but sound good from get go...
All these Elixir recommendations have persuaded me to get some for my acoustic! I've used loads of different strings on my Tele and finally settled on rotosounds as I haven't broken a single string since switching to them. I suppose you've just gotta try them all and see what brand works for you
If your main issue is string breakage you should really try Martin strings, although they are better known for their guitars, their strings have a reputation for being strong !
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I say DR's. I swear by them haha

me too.
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