I play from C standard to E standard, sometimes dropped A to dropped D.

I am wondering what the best way to achieve multiple tunings is.
I'm currently tuned in C standard with 12-56 gauged strings, and that kind of hurts to play strumming chords on.
Should I get a capo for that?

I have 2 guitars but my strat is extremely cheap and has a terrible clean signal that has distortion in the pickups. I thought about just setting that one with regular gauged strings for E standard and tunings near that.

Should I get the new morpheus pedals? I heard some demos and they honestly sounds really good for pitch shifting. If so, should I get the morpheus capo to tune up a 12 guaged C standard guitar, or the morpheus down tune to downtune a regular gauged E standard guitar?
Best way is obviously to have a few good guitars always tuned how you want them.
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Best way is obviously to have a few good guitars always tuned how you want them.


And if the cheap strat is bad, do what I did with mine, Overhaul it.
I rewired, refinished, and replaced the pickups in my strat, and now it rocks
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well i tune my strat and acoustic guitars in Open E tuning.
and my strings are in 12-56 gauged.
The Morpheus Drop Tune isn't too shabby, but I would try it out before you buy it. The only thing that is weird with the Morpheus is when you have your amp at low volumes it is somewhat awkward hearing your guitar acoustically and the affected signal at the same time. Also, the Morpheus doesn't do drop tunings, which isn't a big deal, as you just have to drop tune your guitar in its current tuning. My advice would be to check it out if you decide to go that route, and stick your guitar in the tuning you use the most and work from there. But, as the others said, the better alternative is just having a couple of guitars in whatever tunings you like.
I think a Capo is the best for RIGHT NOW at the time. It's absolutely cheap and it allows me to tune back to E standard.

I just honestly can't work with my strat very well. It only has a treble channel, and the pickups suck ass and I probably need to back them off a bit so it won't distort my clean sound.

If I'm going to bump up my strat I might as well just buy a new guitar maybe. How much are a good set of pickups? (EMGs are probably something I want, but then if I got that I might as well just stick that into my good guitar)

For now I guess I'll just get a capo, or if I honestly want to mess with my strat again I'll get regular gauged strings for it.