Hey, i never knew there was a technical term for it, but apparently i've been experiencing neck dive on my guitar, does anyone know how to remedy? i have an Ibanez Xyphos. It's a real pain in the ass to play standing up when your neck wants to lay down. Thanks in advance.
If you talking about when the neck falls while standing up, then you have two options.

Make your body heavier to counterbalance the neck, either taping small weights to the insides of cavities, or actually filling it with wood; or move your strap button to a different location to help fix it.

good luck!
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Hmm... Yeah, i could imagine that would happen if you get a guitar with 27 frets
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My guitar does this too, it's a pain in the balls but I'm used to it at this stage. Strange because its body is f*cking heavy.
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I have a Kramer Vanguard, it has a little bit of a neckdive. I seriously, GENUINELY, attribute it to the strap, not the guitar. I tried a different (leather) strap and it was fine. Try investing in a different strap.
What ^he^ said. a suede strap should fix your neck dive woes.
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