hey! so im new to the site and a few days ago i was really excited to post up a song i found the chords to. it took me an hour to jus figure it out, maybe less. and when i finished, i pressed submit. but then when the page refreshed, i found out i wasnt logged on :/ i was pretty sure i was logged on in the beginning.

the song i posted up was The City Is Ours by Big Time Rush. i checked everyday in my inbox to see if it was rejected. 2 days after i posted it up, i realized i didnt get any email, so i was glad. today i went to check if my post was up and it was! im happy it got an approval but then i was upset that it said "tabbed by unregistered" is there any way that the site or moderators can change that?? i mean, i would like to receive the credit for my hard work

thx to anyone who can fix this for me. i'd really appreciate it!!

sry if i had to make a new thread for this. i didnt know where to post it
PM Emad. He's the guy for stuff like this, and he helped me with a similar problem.

You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
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