a dog under the sea
observed far too long
became like fridge magnets
gravid with meaningless
babble in letters

he wore an astronaut helmet
to keep herself gaseously
hydrated, and fogged up

while running grocery errands
she found his dog collar
abandoned long ago

she wept for 934 hours
aching his ribbed insides

he hated her transmogrification

because under underwater waters
pollution is nine hundred ninety nine
point nine nine nine nine nine nine
more potent

causing miraculous sex changes
reshaping the cell structure
inside organic organisms
such as dogs

sitting by candlelight
not feeling welcome
inside this masterless domain
caving into hedonism
demanding nothing more, but
nothing less either

he did backflips for 133 days
to entertain herself
all while praying to god
that someone cut off
his oxygen

she could not stand this
shifting back and forth
it always caused big headaches
for him

her well sized penis
punched itself back
into a vagina constantly

if only he knew transvestites
liked that freaky shit

then it would have been grateful.

C4C (this is spoken word so you can get weird looks from your friends)


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Holy Moses.
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C4C (this is spoken word so you can get weird looks from your friends)

this leads me to believe it isn't serious.

either way- not a fan. this piece has its quirkiness, but it has no drive: the piece gives me no reason to keep reading. its interesting, I suppose, but it meanders. to be quite honest I don't feel like you really tried at all. it comes off as very incoherent.