Is it possible to break one by diving as far as I can go? Is there a limit? What if I pressed down really hard?

If the answer is obvious, I'm asking because I DONT want to find out by trial and error. Thanks

Forgive me nubiness

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ive gone all the way down as to have the actually bar touch the guitar body and ive had no problem cept the occasional broken string
Well anything is breakable, albeit floyds are tuff. I could see u breakin the actual bar, ive done this twice, but unless the springs snap i dont think id be too worried. Still, dont abuse just to abuse. Everything has a limit
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I've went pretty much all the way down on my ZR bridge and nothing happened, except my low E attached itself the the middle pickup, but it will do that sometimes even if I don't go all the way down. So much magnetic pull on that middle pickup.
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