Center the sound! Tone isn't horrible and the fact it's probably clipping on the right channel probably adds some undesirable fuzz to the distortion. It's hard to keep track of the structure of the song, especially because you aren't playing in a steady time. I'd rerecord with a metronome and perhaps have multiple guitar tracks so you can keep the structure together.

You had some cool riffs, my favorite was at 0:38-0:45, though it kinda got ruined when it modulated. You've got some nice over all ideas, the performance is just messy. If you clean everything up I think it'll be 100 times better. Keep rockin'!

I've got a new song up at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1354887 if you wouldn't mind taking some time to listen, thanks!
Thanks for the critique! This will help me alot in my future recordings. Ill clean it up ,and work on structure more, it was kind of a Impov recording to see what i could come up with. I will take a listen to your new song for sure!
hey thanks for checking out my stuff, sorry for the delay getting back to you ive been pretty busy. Anyway -

I listened to it once and im listening to it again as i type this, i completely agree with a lot of the above post, it is fairly messy and out of time which isnt good, but it also isnt the worst. you have some good ideas within this so all you have to do is clean it up a little bit to have a really cool piece. maybe check out some articles or lessons online just about basics to song structure to keep in the back of your head when coming up with things or even make it a point to notice how your favorite songs are laid out and work from that. also not sure if youre aware but the sound only comes out of the right speaker/headphone/whatever so keep an eye out for options like that when you record so you can center it. all in all i think you certainly have a good basis here to work off of and im sure youre already working towards cleaning it up to sound bettter