Hey guys,

Decided it's been quite a while since my first article "Quick guide to auditions", and I have an idea for a new one - The Guide to the Gig from Hell.

Basically it'll address all those real life problems that occur leading up to, during, and after a gig. Many newer musicians seem to be at a loss when one of these problems come up, and if one is handled badly the whole thing can come crashing down.

Anyways it'll cover;

- Getting practices together (organising members and finding an alternative rehearsal place quickly)
- Agreeing on songs/setlist
- Quitting members
- Lack of gear/transport

- Nervous members
- Loosing sound
- Screw ups (vocalist forgets words, guitar out of tune, band off-time, sound level issues)
- No audience
- Bad audience (drunks and idiots)

- Damage control

I know that some of these things are better covered as individual pieces (eg. the sound levels are covers extremely well in the Guide to PA columns), but the point is to give real life advice for real life problems, drawn from my own experiences.

And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Actually sounds like a solid thing dude.

As having just started performing recently, these are DEFINITELY some key points to hit on that most beginers wouldn't even think about, especially the bad audience. (At least for me...)