So I'm going to be moving into a dorm for school in the next couple days, its basically just a single room, and I'm wondering if playing my acoustic will be overly loud in just a single room?

Do you guys think the noise will bother people in rooms around me? I know there isn't really any way I will know until I get there, I am just wondering if I could get some input from people who have already stayed or are currently staying in dorms (people in apartments can also share since its almost the same). Did playing your acoustic ever cause any problems from the noise?
It shouldn't be that bad if you have the room to yourself. I imagine a dorm isn't the quietest place.
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not at all, maybe even a small practice amp would be fine aswell. (i mean not too loud.)
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Depends on the dorm, guitar, and time of day/week/year.

When students are studying for exams anything above crumpling paper is too loud. Generally speaking some acoustic guitar during the day or on weekends is fine. It depends on who lives next to you but even electric guitars during the weekend outside of exam time was fine for us for short periods during the day and on weekends. I had very easy going floor mates though so you'll have to see about the louder stuff when you get there.
I'd hope no issues but hopefully people would have the decency to ask you to knock it down as apposed to calling the athorities.
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As a guitar player who lived in a dorm for two years, you should be fine as long as you don't play at unusual hours. A lot of people have loud music on with their door open during the day anyway. You should be be fine, at least I never had any problems

Edit: Where are you going to school by the way?
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I played electric and acoustic LOUD sometimes and i only got a noise complaint once. You should be fine as long as your not screaming and you don't play at inappropriate times. Where i go to college weekends are usually a huge shit show so it's sorta anything goes haha.
As long as it isn't a jumbo and you don't play too loudly, you should be fine.
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