About 10 days ago I woke up and my left hand fingers were very stiff. No pain, but it took me a few minutes of moving and stretching my fingers before I could make a tight fist.

I am assuming it is not arthritis because it wasn't gradual and my hand was fine one day and the next I woke up and it was stiff. It has been like that every day. I wake up, it is stiff and about 5 minutes later after using my hand I am good and off playing guitar no problems.

Now I didn't play guitar for 3 years and started again two months ago. The only thing I can think of that is different is that as of about a month ago I have been on the computer about 2-3 hours a night typing.

It is not in my palm, nor is it carpal tunnel. My left index finger is slightly larger at the joint (maybe swollen a bit) but the other fingers are the same size as my right hand fingers.

Any thoughts?
how old are you?
have you been throwing punches!!!

i have been playing for 15 years solid and i have recently noticed that my joints collapse easily when fretting!! weird...somehow related to meds?? i have no idea...
Honestly? Your hand is probably just tired, dude!

If you've been playing guitar more often, and typing alot more than usual, you can expect that. If the only symptom you're getting is that you take slightly longer to warm up, then I wouldn't worry too much

If, however, you get pain and/or numbness then that's a different issue...rest would be needed!
not that i am a workout buff or anything, but i have always found that weight training and push ups help with ya geetar skillzz
My bass player gave me these hand stretches when I was having some problems with hand pain from playing for really weird chords for a song, they've helped and I've started just doing them while my amp warms up. They especially help with my right hand because I broke it about 2 years ago and have had a couple of surgeries on it since then. They were posted in a bass forum here so who ever posted them can have the creds because they're are helpful.

1) Fan out the fingers on both hands, streach them as wide as possible without being painful, and fully extend your arms like you're grabbing somthing that's just out of reach. Hold that position for 10 seconds, then shake your arms loosely to relax them.

2) Streach one arm out in front of you with your palm out and your fingertips facing the ceiling, then with your other hand gently pull your fingertips back twards you (not too much, again you aren't trying to hyperextend). Hold for 10 seconds, repeat with the other hand, then shake them out again.

3) Extend both arms streight out in front of you, palms up twards the ceiling, and make a fist, curling twards your body. Hold for 5 seconds, then open your fists, palms flat to the ceiling, and bend them streight downwards so your palms are facing away from you, fingertips facing the floor. Holding your hands in that position, bend your elbows up to you almost like you're a waiter holding two serving trays. Hold for 5 seconds and shake it out.
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lol try to avoid sleeping on your hand.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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