I started going to college and left my marshall at home because of the size and wattage problems and brought my first amp, a GDEC with me.

Needless to say the tone was not cutting it and an upgrade is necessary.

I play through a Micheal Kelly Patriot Phoenix as well as a Gibson V and style mostly in Hard Rock, Metalcore, and Pop. Influences range from Atreyu, All that Remains, Lamb of God, to Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed to Fall Out Boy, Every Avenue and The Killers. There are so many more but these are probably the ones most people will recognize.

The amp needs to be powerful enough to keep up with a drummer but still retain its tone at lower volumes with cranky suitemates. A good clean is a must and distortion must be decent. It should also be compatible with dropped tunings since some drop out on the lower end. Budget is less than 500.

Ive heard good things about Bugera

as well as VHT

but am not an expert in the least. advice?
Vypyr Tube 60. Has a headphone jack, is versatile and sounds great at low and high volumes.

The Special 6 will not do metal without a distortion pedal. Which Bugera are you looking at, BTW? The V series is vintage voiced and will not do your more modern, harder stuff without a distortion or boost.
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Vypyr Tube 60.

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I was looking at the bugera v55 but i have never played a bugera. most of the boutiques i have played through have had amazing cleans but no heavy distortion to speak of.

I'll check out the vypyr when I get to a guitar shop but I was not a fan of the solid state amps made by peavey.
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