Hey guys, I've had my starting bass for a little more than four years and it's definitely time to upgrade. I play everything from blues to funk to classic rock to punk and everything in between. So my question to you, Bass Forum, is what basses do you think are the most versatile? A good slap tone is an absolute must. My price range is around $1000 to $1500. I have been looking at the Fender Jazz Marcus Miller Bass, but I would like other people's knowledgeable opinions.


Thanks for the help guys!
The Marcus Miller is a fantastic bass, versatile as all hell. With that kind of budget though, you have a lot (and I mean a lot) of options. Other brands to look at would be Spector, Warwick, Fender (pretty much any MIA), G&L, Musicman, Dingwall (Combustion), Ibanez, Lakland Skyline, and many more. You can even get a custom Tom Clement for around $1500.

If you want good suggestions that would be a solid match for you, you really need to give us more information. When you're paying that much for a bass, you should know what you want other than versatility. Do you have any preferences as to tonewoods, pickup configurations, electronics, number of strings, etc?
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Well to be quite honest with you the Marcus Miller is the only Jazz bass I've ever liked. Mainly because it has an active pre-amp that you can switch on and off so having that active/passive feature is something I'm looking for. Also I find the Ash body really bring out the snappiness. As for pick up configurations I'm open to pretty much anything. I would like to stick with four strings. Also I favor to have my tone a bit on the trebly side so crisp cleans are a must, but as I stated before I want a versatile bass that can handle the thumping lows or the growling lows and the mids.
I have a Marcus Miller myself, i can only recommend it. My style and needs are similar to yours, and the MM fits me perfectly. You will not regret getting one
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Feedback much appreciated.

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try a stingray hh. it has a three band eq with two humbuckers.
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