Let flow great temptations, don't hesitate to ask,
gold gone for silver could never have last
Market, baby, market, hold cards in your grasp
the second is watching - oh f*ck, too fast

For an ocean sits swimming
and a submarine hanging
on the middle of the carpet,
soaking and foaming,
underneath the hall
where people
are listening,
television colour
LCD screen,
surround sound vibration;
the subwoofer's working

don't forget
to let
in your spine,
the honey
which opens the mind,
and gently reminds
tweaking little rabbits
stopwatch - hole digger

Cosmic vibrations yielding flowers of dry,
turkey of eating for ice snakes gone blind

wild astronaut,
will you listen for a moment?
garden of eden will you theater upon us,
a cliff,
of stone,
of particle dew,
of trumpets and marrionettes and mayonaise for two?

Cactus sweet cactus,
where have you gone?
where are thee?
If I don't find sweet cactus,
I'll die of the heat

There once was a window
which flew and it broke,
fell to the floor
past the trees and the breeze
and the clouds where the birds
they stood signing and chanting
and praising,
for the sun had come up
and the king, was arriving

Jambles confusing
Darkfall its spiders;
run pony run!
you can't fly yet, so cry!
easy choice to make man,
come on have some style,
pick and elf and a hunter,
oh lol you're so vile

Snake eyes? Yes m'am
I told you who I am
and there's no-one sweet no-one,
who can get there with jam,
...maybe peanut butter or maple syrup on crepes, but forget the nutella: there's none even left

I ate it all last night

Of sand made the beaches
ride the crest of the wave,
tonight its quite sleepy,
but then again,
where I am,
won't last long,
Up the road
I will be be,
looking for,
a mystery,
theater no theater the
choice don't forget,
you gotta be somebody for the pretex you'll bet,
jealousy for no-one
go hide behind the sun,
blue sky tomorrow for fish in a bun

Signs, sweet signs, intuition for them, gui-tar playing cowboy, that's Bob Dy-lan

Fractal my mind
until God should go blind,
forget about morning
until the next day,
as spoken by angel who came upon grinning,
a smile from the Devil gone mad in the kitchen,
fire and brimstone for those who are lucky

Harlequin once spoke:
"Man I'm so broke,
I'm stuck in the streets
and I ain't got no coat!

spit em out till you're dry,
nothing worth wasting,
wall of crit till you die.
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Haha that's awesome. It really paints a picture. I'm gonna use "blue sky tomorrow for fish in a bun" as a proverb
Quote by ultimatedaver
What would that proverb mean? :P

And thanks.

A Proverb typically is a line/phrase that people live by. In the Christian Bible, there is a chapter called ''Proverbs'' and it is full of little lines/phrases that people can live by to make everyones life better
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I liked it. The rhymes seemed natural to me. It flows nicely and has the appropriate words but I didn't like the "scrambled eggs" verse. Go straight to the sand.