I have a question if it's normal or not for guitars to do such things, specifically humming.

Should a guitar not produce any hum at all? How is humming produced?
I use an interface to connect it to my computer, and when I'm not touching the metal, I can get a bit of feedback especially if it has distortion. Is this normal or is this irregular?
It can honestly be an assortment of things, such as pups, cables, too much gain, etc. Just try messing around with your guitar and see if you can find a way to fix some of it. Normally there will be some hum with a guitar, but it shouldn't be to the point where it's feeding back like that.
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Feedback is generated usually when you're using a lot of gain or volume. It can be fixed by turning down the gain/volume. Or by using a noise-gate. You pickups might also be microphonic, though that's rarely the case, since most pups are wax-pottet these days.

Single coil pickups produce hum and there's not much you can do about it short of installing noiseless pups or a dummy coil. Humbuckers cancel out hum. Since you're playing through your pc, do you use a tube-monitor or a flatscreen? The former will make your pups him, even if you're using humbuckers. Again, a noise-gate can fix the problem, whether it stems from your screen or not.
Alright I'm just wondering if I should get no noise at all or if it's a bit natural to get it.

It's not really that bad of feedback. It barely happens, only when I'm not touching the metal on my guitar, it creates a very very very small feedback thing in the signal. It's not very noticeable unless it does start feeding back and making a feedback hum.

I'm using an LCD flatscreen btw. Line6 GX as an interface.
I bought a 20 dollar cable from radio shack but I'm not sure if it's honestly that good, because I can hear sound just by tapping on the cable.
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You get hum when you dont touch anything metal. The guitar is grounded to the bridge/all metal parts, ergo, when you touch anything metal, you complete the circuit to the ground.

^LCD screens cause lots inteference.

And yeah get a better cable, sounds like thats shielded terribly.

You can reduce it by shielding the cavities in your guitar with tin foil/shielding tape. And wax potting pickups.
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I figure it would be good for 20 dollars but I guess it's actually complete shit.

I'm using Peavey 6505 on with gain set to 6, green channel with crunch.
I can get rid of most of the hum with noise suppressors/gates but like I said I just want to know if it's normal to get hum in certain instances.
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