Hi everyone,

Today I've been thinking about what I could design as my semesteral project. Two weeks ago my Peavey 6505+ combo arrived and I've really enjoyed it thusfar, but I've been kind of annoyed by the lack of a tuner (considering I was used to play guitar through a Line 6 Toneport 'till now).

So today I was thinking if it would be a cool mod to built a custom (rack)tuner into my amplifier. As some of you might know, the 6505+ usually comes with a plank behind the front grill. I was thinking to remove the grill so the tubes would be visible. And considering there's some space left, it should be possible to install a tuner of sorts into it.

I'll probably design and create the tuner myself because I already have some nice ideas in mind but I was wondering if some of you have any schematic of certain racktuners?

Let me know what you think!

Thanks in advance,

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