Bebe I´m Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin
Tears In Heaven - Clapton
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
(most will request Dust in the wind...)
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While I cannot answer your question, I think your pun was quite masterfully applied.

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
Ulli Boegerhousen
Sungha Jung, checkout the artists that arranged the pieces he plays...Otherwise the classics like nothing else matters. But I totally recommend the first two
Opeth - Benighted
Opeth - Coil
Both very good songs. But do try Benighted, it's awesome.
I agree. Although many players can move seamlessly from flatpick to fingerstyle (I can), many can't .
Some can manage "hybrid picking" (flatpick and fingers) for a fingerstyle sound... (I can't...)
So though there are many tunes which sound just fine played fingerstyle you can usually manage to chunk out some version with the flatpick as well.

I play all my slide-open-tuning blues fingerstyle; just sounds right to me.

I still like to play some Dylan tunes fingerstyle; "Don't Think Twice" sounds good...
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Blackbird - The Beatles

+1 I have a little trouble finger picking though, never have any fingernails.
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I figured out the Super Mario Bros game music. UG rejected the video I submitted of the finger picking version but my simplified version was accepted. The tab lights up in the video while I play it. It's not easy to play.
I have played fingerstyle several month now, but i will probebly never sit down and learn Nothin Else Matters... Its a wonderful song but, EVERYONE that learn to play guitar learn that song... it just feels so... outnaged.
Same with Tears in Heaven but that is sucha beautiful song that works with most the ladies so i had to learn it :P