Right now I'm playing a Squier VM Thinline Tele, and I love it. The feel is amazing, and the bridge pickup is working perfectly for rhythm work. However, the band I'm in is starting to really get writing, and as I'm pretty much the lead guitarist as of now, and I need to get a good solo tone. I was thinking of getting a higher output neck pickup.

I have an LP copy for the heavier stuff we'll be playing, so the type of solos I'd need to be able to recreate are hard rock type, similar to Guns N Roses or Def Leppard style stuff. Would this be possible while still using a single coil? I was looking at the SD Quarter Pound because it has the classic metal cover to go over top. Would this work, or should I look into stacked single coils or even think about swapping it out for a humbucker?
I highly recommend Bill Lawrence Keystones. They are fantastic pickups and can do just about anything. On top of that they are 100% US made and cost about $75 a set. Add a Fender 4 way switch and you will be able to do whatever you want. You think your bridge pickup is good now, but you want if you do these mods. It costs about $100 and will make your Tele sound like a different guitar. From Tele twang to 80's metal it will do it all.

Here is a vid using Keystones. Not quite the stuff you want to play, but it certainly shows that the Keystones have plenty of balls.

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