thx for the crit

That twas pretty sweet. The solo was really nice, not to much shredding and not boring, kept me entertained. the tone was really nice too, as everyone else mentioned. It was a tiny bit off at parts, but i think that that just gave it more soul and depth good job. I'm having a hard time thinking of other things to crit. I couldn't hear any bass but i suppose this was mainly a guitar solo so it really didn't need one. Drums sounded fine and the whole thing fit together well, you should try expanding the song so it is more than just a solo.
Pretty good stuff. Sounds real 80's Metallica. Tone sounded good. Sounded like there was an off note or too in a couple occasions, but probably nothing a general music fan would notice. IMO, I would harmonize the last 20 seconds or so of the solo, sounds like it would be perfect for that type of thing. Overall sounds good though. Not really a shredding solo, but something that's melodic and would fit nicely in a song.
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Pretty nice instrumental you got here, as people have said, very nice tone! How did you record the guitar parts? I wasn't a fan of the drums that much but that's not really what I was concentrating on :P Great lead playing too my friend, a little off in parts but nevertheless, very good!

Crit mines?

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