so i was going to get a bugera 6262 but it hasnt been in stock for a long time. they sound good online but i have haerd that there wicked unreliable. my price range is 500-600$ i play metal. metallica, pantera, megadeth. any thoughts on what u should get. o and its gotta be tube. i know that narrows it down haha
Peavey 6505+112 combo?

edit: used 6505, 5150, 5150 II? just other options, which you asked for.
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I own a Bugera 6262 and have had it coming up to a year with no problems. The sound is amazing and i love the tones i can get out of it. I play stuff like Metallica, Opeth,etc. I rehearse with it once a week and will be gigging with it soon. For the price the sound quality you get is fantastic (get a decent speaker though, i have a marshall 1960a).
Hope this helps