I'm looking for a good practice amp that will also allow me to perform at band practice small gigs.

I want it to be small enough so I can carry it around by myself and powerful enough so I can be heard.

My budget is around 300€ (I believe it's the same as if you were buying something for $300 in the US)

I had narrowed it down to either

Ashdown T15-250
250W 15" speaker


Ashdown EB 12-180
180W 12" speaker

The only difference I know appart from the speaker size and power is the lack of compressor on the first model, which one would you suggest?
Or would you suggest something else? (please keep my budget in mind)

Thanks in advance.
I'd go for the first. You have a larger speaker so you'll be pushing more air, and you'd have much more headroom. A compressor isn't really a must have on an amp for these sort of purposes.
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i have the first one and its a great amp.i use it for practice and gigs and it has more than enough power once u set it up right.the ti is a cross between the mag and the electric blue but when i got mine it had the mag300II head section so it included a compressor

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