I play all types of music, just common ones really, some songs i play on acoustic:

-Good riddance
-Hey there Dililah

The rest are in a different language so not many people will know them, i also cover songs which are played in electric.

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D'Addario EXP mediums or lights. They'll work for everything.

+1 That's what I use on mine. Right now I have 11's on my acoustic, and when I get another acoustic I'll have 12's or 13's on it. A little bit of a variety is good.
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I just finished taking a set of DR Sunbeam .12s on my Guild CO-2. I'm switching to them now, they were amazing strings. Very mellow, though.
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I'm partial to Elixir polywebs. They're a bit more expensive, but I think they last much longer.
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not all strings are equal on all guitars, so i'm wondering what guitar you have.