So i was thinking of getting a vox vt30 for bedroom playing and occasional small gigs. I've been Playing for 2 years and are getting a ibanez S/RG soon i Play mainly rock and metal and a little bit of jazz. Is this amp suitable for these? Also i read that you can't plug in pedals for distortion/reverb is this true. Thanks
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it'll be fine for rock and jazz. now which kind of metal? idk why you would want to plug in a pedal for reverb because it already has reverb on it although i'm sure it'll sound fine. i've never used a distortion pedal on mine but it would probably be fine if you just used it on a clean channel. it just doesn't have an fx loop, which for some isn't really a big deal and for some it is. before you buy it, try it out and see if you like the sound and how it reacts with a distortion/reverb pedal.
Its a good rock type amp, but when you put it into more metal territory it gets a little muddy. I run a OD pedal through mine and it sounds fine. You shouldn't need a reverb pedal though because it has plenty of reverb built into the amp.
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Since the VT30 is a modeling amp, it should handle basically anything that you play, but it doesn't really have a strong point in terms of styles. its a very good amp IMO as i have the VT15 and love it.