Well, my evolving style is calling for a new ability with my rig. I need to be able to create real time loops in a live stage setting, preferably with easy to use foot controls, overdub and multiple banks. Forget the price, that's not an issue.

So far, I have seen:

Boss RC-20XL

Boss RC-50

EH 2880/2880 Foot control

Roland Dr. Sample series (SP 202 - SP 404)

Boomerang III

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure which of the above, if any, will give me what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any in depth experience with looping pedals, specifically the Roland Dr. Sample series, and if not, are there looping pedals that I am not aware of that will give me what I want?

Thanks for the time regardless guys.
Digitech JamMan, not necessarily instead of the options you mentioned but worth considering. I have one, and it's awesome (still trying to get the feel for live looping though). I know Digitech recently came out with a new one that allows you to scroll through saved loops and such, but unfortunately I don't know too much about it, sorry. The Akai Headrush is another option too, but it's more of a delay, iirc.
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For one-man-band or verse-chorus-verse applications go with the Digitech Jamman and a Boss FS-6 foot switch (this will give you dedicated switches for scrolling up and down through your saved loops).

Stay away from the Boss pedals. Not that they are bad, but they don't have a LED screen that indicates what loop your on and you have to count flashes on a single LED in order to know what loop is going to play next - that's not conducive to live performance. The Boss pedals are OK for practice though. Also, the Boss pedals only have 11 save slots and can only save 16 minutes total. The Jamman has 99 slots and can save 35 minutes worth. Also, the Jamman uses an SD card. You can grab samples from anywhere and dump them down via USB. Can't do that with Boss' pedals.
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