Hey UGer's..

I have a Line 6 Pocket POD for sale. The thing is practically brand new, I've of course opened the box and tried it out for an hour or two, but it's seen no further use other than that. Hell, the original batteries I put in it are still kickin'

No scratches, defects, or modifications. Original box, manual, stickers, etc. included.

I'd usually accept trade offers, but my old PS2 broke and I'd like to replace it quick, so I'm looking to sell the POD. I think for a pretty reasonable deal considering its new, but opened. I'm looking to get $70, and I'll cover the shipping. New, this thing usually runs about $120. I'd like to keep this US only please. PM me if you're interested, hopefully we can work out a deal.

Thanks for looking!

PS - if you're interested in photos or specs: