Baaallin'. I was a bit unsure where it was going during the intro... it got to a good place. Great, bouncy riff. Very cool mellow part, digging the warm tone. Sounds great when the bass kicks in. Is it programmed or live? Bad ass transition with the phaser back into the chug. The drums sound a bit thin throughout and I don't really like the kick sound, the pop is a bit too trebley. Over all, this is really good.

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The drums been thin i want to fix because tehre EZdrummer drums tehy dont sound that great
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I'm not sure if Reaper supports multi channel VSTI output, but you might be able to set the outputs of each mic in EZdrummer to different tracks which you can then EQ individually to help make a better over all mix.
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WElli use fruity loops 9 to host EZdrummer and programm it all in fruity loops then just trnasfer to Reaper so if you no anything about multimxing in FL 9 please say
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
Damn dude, awesome song! Loved it ^^
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Very cool track. I love your rhythm patches. The drum track is awesome. The rhythmic variations really bring it to life. Moody and dark!

How're you getting that guitar tone? Maybe its the mix and the bass gives it a different edge, but that a killer tone.

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Track is called 'Life in Funk'.
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Nice song! Liked the mellower part more than the rest, probably more because I'm not into this type of music that much than anything else. One riff seemed a little repetitive to me, but I guess that's not too big of a deal. The drum sound needs to be worked on, I'd try to figure that out (the kick drum sounds especially weird in parts). Good overall though.

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