Hey guys.

I'm a beginner I've been playing for about 3 months now. I've stuck with Chords, Chord changes, strumming, different patterns...I did learn the Minor Pentatonic scale(alternate picking), some power chords...(I covered my first full song "seven nation army" including solo)

What's after this step? what should i really focus on? i really want to play lead..so chords isn't that much fun for me..but i know i have to do it...and i will..in order to get where i want to be. I know it takes time and patience.

Any advice?

Thanks again.
Young Jedi, much learning to do you have!

You have a long way to go. You've only begun to scrape the surface of learning this instrument. Here's a short list of things to work on:

More chords
Playing cleanly
Playing in time
Chord fragments
Double stops

The list could go on and on. So much to learn...
can you play all the bar chords? allso quickly change bar chords like you could in the open position? something few people can do and will give you a big advantage,allso learn ALL your scales,become familure with them,allso make sure you learn the major scale to (diatonic) not just the pentatonic,and if you want to play lead then becomeing familure with all the scales to a degree that its secount nature is a must (take this from a guy who played a stevie ray vaughn solo behind his back last night live) may want to learn some scales diagnoly,and up in down just a few strings but all the way,this will be good for more creative riff making.learn a few legato runs allso,ther good practice.once you learned all that start on some arpeggios and keep mastering you craft,its a long road my brother,trust me,im not even done yet.
Yes i do know the list is a lonnnnng one...lol...like I said..I'm willing to go through anything to get where i want to be. Thanks KG6_steven for the list.

@CAGEDtheory....I haven't started Barre Chords yet. I tried it, but didn't really focus on it. I went back to Chords and strumming..I want to get that down perfectly, where i strum at ever beat..and every chord comes out very cleanly....And then I'll move to Barre...But I am in the process of learning the Major Scale....Thanks for the advice
I'm trying to learn Metallica - Orion right now, I have about two months experience. Some parts of the solos are slow enough that I'll be able to get them down with enough practice. I like the part in the middle of the song where the string bending starts.