Better than I can do at sweeping, which I can't do at all. Maybe try to focus on the clarity of the notes. Other than that you'll develop a boat of speed at them if you keep practicing. Good Job!
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sounded fine at that speed needs alot of practice...and your tone needs alot of tweaking........too much treble and reduce the gain.......keep practicing and make it more musical
Stop adding the taps on the top, you're over-complicating what is already a hard thing to learn to do. Get sweeping right first and then add taps later.

Aside from that your actual technique seems to be ok, you just need to keep working on it and keep an eye on your rhythm; seems a little inconsistent to me in places.
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Definitely work on your rhythm. Also, when you reach the top or bottom of a sweep, pay extra attention to keeping that bit clean.
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Looks good, the only thing I don't like is how your tapped notes sound dead, and a lot of excess buzz from the lower strings. Focus on muting the lower strings, and watch out for those tapped notes at the end. Good luck!