Hi chaps!

I'm a huge Paul Gilbert fan and had his signature guitar built to exactly the same specifications by Jaden Rose. THIS IS NOT THE IBANEZ MODEL BUT A REPLICA!


I absolutely love this guitar and really don't want to sell it but unfortunately I'm in a bit of a financial crisis. The guitar is MINT condition.

I paid a lot of money for this guitar and will not sell it for peanuts! If you're making an offer please make sure it's a reasonable one. As you can see the guitar is beautiful and plays exceptionally. The only downfall is I'm pretty sure the guitar isn't wired correctly. Bridge and neck sound great but positions 2/4 need looking at. If you contact Ibanez I'm sure they'll give you a wiring diagram.

Here are the specifications


Here is a video of Paul with the fireman


Asking for offers, nothing under £1000
Ibanez PGM301 signed by Paul Gilbert
Ibanez PGM 500
Ibanez Fireman custom
Saving for a GH100L/VH100R
Orange PPC212 2X12