hey guys i was wondering if you know of any site where i can get some patch settings for my korg toneworks ax1000g been looking everywhere basically im looking for a really good lead sound
got some cool one for the 1500g in pdf format but they`re for a 1500g, and the link is dead i`m trying to figure out how to upload them.
if you cauld type in the settings that would be good example

Model = AX1000g
Patch = Real Cln
Pickups = Humbucker
From = ashley bass
Target = Amplifier
Email = abass@DominoCS.com
DRIVE-AMPA = ClassicComp
-DAAdrive = off
-DAAlevel = 7.3
-DAAtreble = 10
-DAAmid = 10
-DAAbass = 10
Comments = The closest to Bypass Mode tone without having to switch into Bypass Mode.
lol there`s about 20 of them.....they were written by joe satriani, i`ll pick out maybe 1 or to good ones or take a screenshot later.......

i`ve tried to workout how to upload a pdf to various sites it`s just not working so if you want them you`ll have to come up with a solution.....and i`m not openimg anymore accounts on 3rd party sites.......file size is over 300 kb
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