Electronically my Boss DD3 works fine, but when I stomp it it springs back up without staying down until I stomp again. The rubber grommet that the screw goes into was ripped up so I went to home depot and got a 5/16" replacement, and put it in there. My question is how exactly is this thing supposed to stay down? I put the new grommet in, screwed in the screw and it still pops right back up. I don't see mechanically what in the battery compartment is supposed to keep it in the down position until it is stomped on again.

How do I get my DD3 spring action to start working again? Has anyone else had this problem? I don't want to get rid of it, because the delay works fine.

What? It's a stomp box, it's supposed to come back up. You just tap it again to turn the effect off.

Unless you mean that the battery cover that you stomp on is opening and revealing the battery every time you stomp on it, but you just have to screw the little thumbscrew on the front into the oval-shaped hole.
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Unless I'm not understanding correctly it's meant to pop back up! I'm pretty sure i's not meant to stay down :P
That's what I thought at first. Mine is acting odd though. When I hold it down it stays on, and when I release it, it turns off. Do you think maybe the switch is broken?