I'm having problems with the tempo in Ableton. I have a pre-made drum track that is perfectly in time with a tempo of 105. However, apparently because it uses changing odd time signatures, Ableton is detecting the tempo of the track to be something way off (ex 122.84). Because of this I've been making separate ableton files for each track even though they are all the same tempo. How can I make it so that ableton knows the correct tempo?

This is probably a newbie question, but I couldn't find answers anywhere (including Ableton's FAQ).
First of all I'm just going to point out that I don't use Ableton, but im assuming all DAW's are somewhat alike...the method I use is to set the project tempo to the desired value, disable auto-detect, import the drum-track, and then use tempo markers to change it up throughout the song..I'm sorry if this isn't much help but I'm sure there should be options like setting project tempo and inserting tempo markers in Ableton, so give those a try if you haven't already...