Hey GGA,
While looking at my local craigslist last night, I came across a Fender Princeton

Chorus selling for 125$ (US). The owner claims it works fine and comes with the original footswitch.

It is from 1989 and is a solid state amp. I'll be moving up from a craptastic terrible amp you don't want to know (doesn't even have a brand name ) I'm not a "tube snob". If it has decent tone and is solid state, i don't care.

I like to think i play heavy music, but i really don't. I play jazz, funk, blues, and rock. I won't be needing to go heavier than 80's hair metal/alternative level distortion.

I have 2 Epi LP's I play with at home. In my band i also use my drummers strat and I'm using my friends Schecter.

I do need this for a band situation, more than likely just a trio+vocals. Since we're 14 and no-one seems to take us seriously the gigs we play are pretty small, but the occasional medium-small size, i won't be able to mic it up.

This amp has a built in chorus and reverb. It's a stereo amp with two 10" speakers. It has one power amp for each speaker. I've never played a stereo amp so please let me know if it's too different from playing a mono amp.

I've read reviews on the interwebz and people claim it to be "the best fender SS amp ever". On youtube it sounded pretty good too.

I understand fender had different versions of these produced, mine is the red knob version.

EDIT: I forgot to mention it has a Mono effects loop and a Stereo effects loop.

TL;DR: '89 Fender Princeton Chorus. Go for it?!
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I don't know much about the amp, but if it's a reasonable upgrade you really can't go wrong for just 125$...