I've been looking at a smaller amp for smaller gigs lately, and the Laney LC15 has caught my attention. I've read about its bad design with dissipating heat but I wanted your guys' opinions?

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Nice sounding amp. Ive played it once, bit boxy sounding compared to the LC30.

Very bright sounding, modern, fair bit of gain. Can get a bit ice picky, doesnt sound great cranked up, but its fine for bedroom volumes and jamming.

The VC15 is worth a look too. More of a vintage voicing with better cleans and better low gain crunch.

Ive not heard anything on the heat dissipation issue personally, but laney revamped there amps and fixed some issues not too long ago. So i imagine they would have corrected it with the newer ones.
I have an LC15. I bought it used and it's no beacon of reliability. Sounds OK, but I wouldn't buy one again.