the filter caps will hold charge just about indefinitely. most amp techs have to discharge the caps before doing extensive work. for what you are doing you shouldn't need to discharge anything.

a 'good practice' would be to only use one hand at a time when poking around inside of an amp (using 1 hand makes it much much harder to 'complete a circuit' and fry any critical part of your body). but from what it looks like in that blog you won't even have to worry about that.

the other worry i guess is letting the tube cool, they usually cool in like 5 minutes or so, but i don't even really wait for them to cool anymore, i just use gloves or a rag.
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^yeah, what he said.

I use a riding mower glove and pull after 1 min

If you are re-doing the OT clip you might want to drain the caps and/or just get a tech. Traces to Capacitors can be dangerous too. I have a biasing blog that has some safety tips worth mentioning. I don't have a Bugera tho

What amp do you have circle the sky and what exactly do you want to do?

A lot of the Bugeras seem to have external bias pots and test points ?? Not sure.
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I have a Bugera 6260. I just want to check that all the screws and clips are tight and I'd like to bias it too.