i think its ugly as sin. id just track down a fender cyclone if i wanted a mustang with h-s config
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i think its ugly as sin. id just track down a fender cyclone if i wanted a mustang with h-s config
I think it looks OK!

I didn't know Cyclones came with H-S. I know they were originally S-S, then S-S-S, then H-H. Do you have pics?

OT: The DM The Breed sounds awesome with the Basswood body, hotter than a PAF-style, warmer and smoother than an EVO.

I'm pretty sure the Cyclone's main config was HS.

In regards to the Jagstang, I think it's ugly, but that doesn't really matter here since you seem to like the shape. I hear the pickups are weak, a quick change with something from GFS would be affordable and yield great results.

I think you could do better for the price though- like someone else said, the main attraction to the guitar is its collectibility- and the gimmicky "Designed by Kurt Cobain" on the headstock. If it's Kurt you want, get a Jaguar, but if you're set on the Jagstang, go for and upgrade it! It's a Japanese guitar, and they've got a great reputation.
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^^Dont buy a jag if you want to be kurt. Considering his jag had been modified and gutted far beyond what is reasonable to still be calling it a jaguar.

Jag-stang is a nice guitar. I always think it looks better when its not stood up vertically so you dont notice the odd shape of the body so much.

Theyre more of a collectors guitar really, but theyre still good players, they dont cost any more than the other japanese fenders, but they didnt sell too well, so were discontinued a couple of times. Im pretty sure fender japan is still making them though. But good luck getting a new one if you're in the US.

The later japanese models where made with alder rather than basswood. The small body takes a while to get used to, if you're sitting down and playing anyway.

The neck is the same as the fender jaguar neck, really sweet, but the low radius makes bends on the higher frets choke out. Its great for chord work and solos lower down the neck.

The production models use run of the mill stock pickups, which are at the same level of crappiness as regular MIM strat pickups but a bit hotter.